Vancouver Magazine + BM Group: Building the Future

From deep roots and a cherished history comes the pursuit to Build the Future.

April 23, 2020

During our conversation with Vancouver Magazine, we discussed all things BMG. From our cherished history to our current operations and plans for the future. With deep roots in family values, our humble beginnings have navigated our growth and have set the pace for who we are as an organization which is reflected in each and every company that makes up BM Group. We remain grounded to our values of Quality, Integrity and Legacy which is consistent to our acquisition strategies. Along with hard work and a clear vision, we have been able to facilitate and capitalize on the synergies within BMG.

“The more we acquire established companies in the construction realm, the more their services and acumen support our group as a whole. Today, with 12 active businesses and three more scheduled for this year, we bring to the table a comprehensive network and financial strength that benefits a wide range of clients.” - Balraj Mann

With a discussion on the group at large, we delve into each of the sectors of the construction industry we operate in along with our reach across borders and countries. As we solidify our presence in along the west coast of America, we have also announced an expansion into India which has shown great promise.

Our pursuit of growth is the pursuit to provide Global Construction Solutions, an efficient process for our clients for small or large project and everything in between. Amongst all of today's uncertainty, we remain optimistic and excited for the future.

To read BM Group's feature in Vancouver Magazine in full, please click here.